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Zdravstvuyte Legionnaires:

    Spring has sprung and yet as I craft this article I am looking out the window at freezing temperatures and snow flurries. Very sad! Now some of my Brothers and Sisters will ride their bikes with temperatures in the 30s and snow or sleet in the forecast; these hearty troubadours are renown as we often see a baby-blue Trike zipping through the South Hills in all manner of weather. The steely eyed Veteran easily navigating the perils of winter riding. These hard core Riders are to be appreciated for their commitment to the open road and a lifestyle of freedom but Im not one of them. I like the temperature in the 60s and the skys clear when I ride. And lets not even talk about the potholes, collapsing road shoulders, dead animals, salt, car parts and other debris on the roads following winter. So my bike stays on the battery tender for at least one more week.

     On a more humbling note, what does Memorial Day mean to you? Maybe before answering this question we should review what Memorial Day is supposed to mean to our Nation. Memorial Day is a National holiday observed on the last Monday of May, honoring the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. Military. Memorial Day originated following the Civil War but did not officially become Memorial Day until 1967 and was not an official federal holiday in 1971. The birthplace of Memorial Day is considered Waterloo, NY, where on May 5, 1866, the city honored local Veterans who fought in the Civil War. Memorial Day was originally called Decoration Day as Patriots displayed flowers, wreaths and flags on the graves of the fallen in honor and remembrance.

    You can check us out on our Facebook page, American Legion Riders Post 712. Future Riders meetings are scheduled for 1900 hours on the first Tuesday of the month; May 1st; June 5th and July 3rd. See you there.

Charlie Mike,






2016-2017 Officers

President: John Dillon

Sr Vice President: Kevin Jackson

Vice President: Bill Allan

Secretary: Susan Dillon

Adjutant: LLoyd Ray

Chaplain: Mark Smith

Treasurer: Beverly Weikel

Deputy Treasurer: Bill Weikel

Sr Sgt. of Arms: Tom Bodner

Sgt. of Arms: Ed Harmon

Sr Road Captain: Dan Oehler

Road Captain: Ken Lancaster

Road Captain: Bob Stefanic

Road Captain: Dan Tillery


Tue 5/1

7 PM



Riders News


    Anyone interested in becoming an American Legion Rider should talk to any member for sponsorship.  To join the Legion Riders you must meet a few basic requirements: 

  •     You must have a motorcycle with valid insurance

  •     You must be sponsored by a current member

                 and subsequently voted into the ALRs

  •   You must already be a member in good standing with the American Legion, the Sons or the ALA (members from Posts that do not have their own Legion Riders program are welcomed to join the Legion Riders of Post 712)

  •   And finally, you must pay your 2014 dues of $12. Mail check written out to "American Legion Riders Post 712" to the Post.



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