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     The Riders currently have a raffle ongoing at Post, with proceeds from the raffle benefiting Post 712. Mosey on over to the raffle and check it out for a chance to win and to support Post 712. It’s a great raffle and you will be helping members of the Legion family, of which you are one. Tickets are available with the Bartender for a donation of $5.

     On August 4th the Riders held our Annual Benefit Ride to support Veterans in Need in the Greater Pittsburgh area. I am very happy to report the Ride, the after-ride party at Post 712, the American Auctions, and everything associated with the Benefit Ride was a huge success. Proceeds benefit Veterans through the Veterans Place of Washington Boulevard and American Legion Post 712. We are still counting donations and paying bills and will announce the final tally at the Riders Meeting on September 4th, but what I can tell you is that this was a record-breaking ride with 75 bikes on the ride and about 125 people in attendance at the after-ride party, with more donations collected than ever before. Wow! I would like to thank the Riders, the Ghost Riders and the members of the Riders families’ who volunteered to support this great event. You guys are GREAT!

     The ride was led by 2 motorcycle police officers and we did not have to stop or put our feet down even once. We also had local police blocking roads and stopping traffic along the way. The weather was great, no one dropped their bike (always a good thing) and everyone had a great time. More on the ride, the donations and the great work done by everyone in the coming months.

     On July 25th the Riders visited our Brother Riders at VFW Post 1810 in Brentwood to say hello and to kick around discussions pertaining to future events. It was a good meeting and we appreciated the invitation. Thanks to Sergeant-at-Arms Erich Collins, or Roach, and Rider Dave Harris, who represented the Riders. Also, thanks to VFW Post Rider Bob Armitage who facilitated the meeting. Bob is also an American Legion Rider with Post 712. Anytime Veterans and Riders get together it’s a good time and talking motorcycles just adds to the fun!

     Some may be wondering how Roach earned the nickname, “Roach”; we can tell you he gainfully earned the nickname while deployed to the desert as a Soldier and member of the U.S. Army Military Police Corps - Hooah; and he wears this moniker with the Pride only the Brotherhood of Service can instill in a person. For more of the story, you’ll have to go direct with Roach himself!

     The next Riders meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 4th at 1900 hours. Perspective Riders who are men and women of Action, who seek to aid Veterans in our community; who believe in the brotherhood and sisterhood of Service to Nation and Service to Community and who, whether they served in uniform or not, are Patriots and Persons of Action to aid those less fortunate, are encouraged to talk to a Rider and attend. Those who want to sit around and complain while doing nothing need not apply.

     When it comes to acknowledging all the great work done to ensure a successful ride and party I have a litany of persons to thank. I started to thank each one by name in this newsletter; however, the list is to too long for one article. Conducting a ride and party is a huge logistical undertaking. Selecting a destination and a route for the ride, seeking donations, putting American Auction baskets together, selecting and buying chatchkee’s to give away, selecting and buying drinks and snacks for the turn-around point, selling raffle, auction and 50/50 tickets, coordinating at the starting point and turn-around point and parking at the finishing point, coordinating with the Non-Profits, selecting a menu and decorating, keeping the bikes together on the road, having a trail vehicle; my oh my, the list of tasks to be completed is seemingly endless. I will highlight these volunteers a few at a time in the coming months.

     For this newsletter, I would like to thank first of all Dan Oeler our Senior Road Captain along with Bob Stefanic and Brian Kohl and Tom Bodner, our Senior Sergeant-at-Arms, along with Erich Collins as these men aided Dan in setting and scouting the route and in keeping the riders safe. I would also like to shout out to our Ghost Riders of Don and Donna Rottman for the work they did in receiving the riders as we pulled into Post 712 as they were aided by Jerry May, Josh Dillon and Heather Dillon. And a litany of persons who helped at Post 712 in selling raffle and auction tickets such as Susan Dillon, Beverly Weikel, Donna Allan, Joanne Caligiuri, Pat Smith and Heather Dillon (Forgive me if I am forgetting someone). Finally, for this edition, I would like to publicly thank Bar Manager Debbie Michalski and Leah Ann Castanet who volunteered to do the cooking for 125 people. The food was wonderful and received compliments from all who were in attendance and the Post looked great. All of these people, our volunteers go above and beyond to aid others. Their efforts are inspirational and we thank them and are fortunate to have them as they Lead by Example.



         Riders Summer Fun Raffle September 10th

Tickets available with the bartender $5. Prizes include 32" TV, Tabletop Grill with grill tools, Car Trunk organizer, Car Care Products, 'On The Go' Cooler, 48 Titleist Tour Golf Balls, Golf  Jacket and $160 in Gift Cards. Get your ticket before they're gone. Winner need not be present. Benefits Veterans thru our Post 712.

                        Riders Annual Benefit Ride 2018

                    Fun Ride at Geneva-On-The-Lake




2016-2017 Officers

President: John Dillon

Sr Vice President: Kevin Jackson

Vice President: Bill Allan

Secretary: Susan Dillon

Adjutant: LLoyd Ray

Chaplain: Mark Smith

Treasurer: Beverly Weikel

Deputy Treasurer: Bill Weikel

Sr Sgt. of Arms: Tom Bodner

Sgt. of Arms: Ed Harmon

Sr Road Captain: Dan Oehler

Road Captain: Ken Lancaster

Road Captain: Bob Stefanic

Road Captain: Dan Tillery


Tue 9/4

7 PM



Riders News


    Anyone interested in becoming an American Legion Rider should talk to any member for sponsorship.  To join the Legion Riders you must meet a few basic requirements: 

  • Ø    You must have a motorcycle with valid insurance

  • Ø    You must be sponsored by a current member

                 and subsequently voted into the ALRs

  • Ø  You must already be a member in good standing with the American Legion, the Sons or the ALA (members from Posts that do not have their own Legion Riders program are welcomed to join the Legion Riders of Post 712)

  • Ø  And finally, you must pay your 2014 dues of $12. Mail check written out to "American Legion Riders Post 712" to the Post.



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