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Greetings Legionnaires:

     Let’s all say a prayer and think well wishes for our Brother, Ghost Rider and fellow Legionnaire Don Rottman who is down right now, but is sure to bounce back. Don is an Infantryman, a Combat Veteran and a warm-hearted friend and Brother whom we are all pulling for through this tough time. 

     On October 10th the Riders took a scenic ride to the Veterans Place of Washington Boulevard where we presented the Director and staff with a donation of $8,202 to be used to support local area Veterans. Over .92$ of every dollar the Veterans Place receives goes directly to help Veterans who are down on their luck with housing, training, counseling and life skills.  Thank you for all you do to help Veterans!

     Congratulations Jim Christofel for winning the Wine and Dine Raffle on October 2nd and taking home nearly $200 in gift cards plus wine, gourmet foods, a portable TV and a whole lot more. Jim had the lucky ticket that was drawn during the Riders meeting. A big thanks to Jim and all members of the Legion Family who supported the raffle to support Veterans and Post 712.   

     The current Raffle is the Warm and Cozy Raffle which features a whopping $410 in gift cards, plus a Wendell August Tray of Pittsburgh, a Wendell August Plate of Pittsburgh, a Waterford Crystal Clock, 4 tickets to the Duquesne Incline, a portable TV and just to top it off, a bottle of Crown Royal.  The lucky winner will be chosen on November 6th during the Riders meeting.  This is a HUGE RAFFLE. Tickets are available from the bartender for $3 each or two for $5.  Support Veterans, Support Post 712 and jump in to buy a couple tickets. Good luck to all!

     Way back on September 24th the Riders visited our friends and sponsors at Vector Security for a cookout and to say thank you for all Vector Security does in supporting Veterans and the Riders. We presented the Vector Team with a large plaque and banner as a small token of our thanks and had a great time visiting and munching down on burghers and hot dogs.  It was a great day spent with friends and folks who think like us to appreciate and support the sacrifices of the Veterans in the greater Pittsburgh area. Well done Vector Security.   

     Bingo. Every Wednesday night at 1900 hours Post 712 sponsors Bingo. So what you ask? Well, before Bingo a hot dish is available prepared by the Post and typically costs about $5. Now I know this may sound a little off, but when I’m not riding motorcycles, shooting guns or causing mayhem, I like playing Bingo. So you will find me at Post 712 on most Wednesday’s getting a bite to eat and playing Bingo. Cards are a buck each and we always welcome new players.    

     Election Day is November 6th, don’t forget to vote. It is the most Patriotic act we can complete.  

You can check us out on our Facebook page, American Legion Riders Post 712 or The next Riders meeting is at 1900 hours, Tuesday, December 4th. See you there.







2016-2017 Officers

President: John Dillon

Sr Vice President: Kevin Jackson

Vice President: Bill Allan

Secretary: Susan Dillon

Adjutant: LLoyd Ray

Chaplain: Mark Smith

Treasurer: Beverly Weikel

Deputy Treasurer: Bill Weikel

Sr Sgt. of Arms: Tom Bodner

Sgt. of Arms: Ed Harmon

Sr Road Captain: Dan Oehler

Road Captain: Ken Lancaster

Road Captain: Bob Stefanic

Road Captain: Dan Tillery


Tue 11/6

7 PM



Riders News


    Anyone interested in becoming an American Legion Rider should talk to any member for sponsorship.  To join the Legion Riders you must meet a few basic requirements: 

  • Ø    You must have a motorcycle with valid insurance

  • Ø    You must be sponsored by a current member

                 and subsequently voted into the ALRs

  • Ø  You must already be a member in good standing with the American Legion, the Sons or the ALA (members from Posts that do not have their own Legion Riders program are welcomed to join the Legion Riders of Post 712)

  • Ø  And finally, you must pay your 2014 dues of $12. Mail check written out to "American Legion Riders Post 712" to the Post.



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