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Greetings Legionnaires:

     On December 5th the Riders visited our friends at the Kurt J. Lesker Company in Jefferson Hills to thank the Lesker family and the entire Kurt J. Lesker Company for their decade-long partnership with the Riders to support Veterans. The Lesker Company led by Kurt J. Lesker IV is an international company in our own backyard that has proven time and again their commitment to helping those in need and their corporate philosophy of community mindedness in giving back to those less fortunate. The Riders thank the Lesker family and the entirety of the Kurt J. Lesker Company for their support and thank you Chaplain Mark Smith for planning and coordinating the visit. It was a great time.  

     The Riders held their Annual Christmas Party on Saturday, December 15th. It was a wonderful holiday event. Everyone had a fun time and the Post was very accommodating. The Riders decorated the room for the festive event and it was amazing how colorful and inviting the conference room can be made to look. Let’s send a BIG thank you out to the Party Committee of Susan Dillon, Chris Bodner and Beverly Weikel who have planned and conducted the best and biggest parties held at Post 712 during these past 4 years. You ladies Rock!

      As we close out 2018, we say thank you to all the Riders for everything they do; with special thanks to those Riders who have garnered donations exceeding $1,000 allowing the Riders to donate over $22,000 in support of Veterans during 2018. The gold standard has been set by John Caligiure who arranged for over $4,000 in donations. Rounding out the Top 5 “Donation Getters” are John and Susan Dillon, Ed Very, Larry and Ann Jageman and Rob and Christie Mansberry. Thank you for all you do!!! A huge thank you also goes out to those Riders who lead the pack in selling raffle tickets of which proceeds are used to support Veterans. Thank you, Dan Oeler, Kevin Jackson, Tom Matthews, Rob Mansberry and John Caligiure.  Well Done!!!    

      Who are the Riders? The Riders of Post 712 are a brotherhood and sisterhood of military and civilian Legionnaires. We are brought together by a few simple core beliefs: The Riders are a family-oriented group who believe in taking care of the families of the fallen, in providing aid to those injured in service to our Country, in celebrating service to our Nation and in supporting our local community; and we believe in doing all of this from the back of a motorcycle. Our success stems from a philosophy common with most Veterans, of doing good for the benefit of the group. It’s about the group, not the individual and it’s about giving back and making the world a little bit better of a place.

      This year, 2019, marks the 10 Year Anniversary of the Post 712 Riders. The Riders were started with 22 Charter Members, of which seven are still riding and living the two-wheeled lifestyle; Bill Allan, Tom Bodner, John Caligiure, John Dillon, Ed Harmon, Tom Matthews and Mark Smith. We remember our Past Presidents of Bill Allan (2009-2011); Mark Smith (2011-2012); Lloyd Ray (2012-2014); Nancy Schwartz (2014-2015) and John Dillon (2015 – Present) and thank them for their leadership and we welcome our four new Riders of Bob Armitage, Erich Collins, Bill Figura and Christie Mansberry. The team is going strong.   

      Here is to wishing everyone a very happy, prosperous and safe 2019. The Riders next meeting is February 5th. See you there.





2016-2017 Officers

President: John Dillon

Sr Vice President: Kevin Jackson

Vice President: Bill Allan

Secretary: Susan Dillon

Adjutant: LLoyd Ray

Chaplain: Mark Smith

Treasurer: Beverly Weikel

Deputy Treasurer: Bill Weikel

Sr Sgt. of Arms: Tom Bodner

Sgt. of Arms: Ed Harmon

Sr Road Captain: Dan Oehler

Road Captain: Ken Lancaster

Road Captain: Bob Stefanic

Road Captain: Dan Tillery


Tue 1/8

7 PM



Riders News


    Anyone interested in becoming an American Legion Rider should talk to any member for sponsorship.  To join the Legion Riders you must meet a few basic requirements: 

  • Ø    You must have a motorcycle with valid insurance

  • Ø    You must be sponsored by a current member

                 and subsequently voted into the ALRs

  • Ø  You must already be a member in good standing with the American Legion, the Sons or the ALA (members from Posts that do not have their own Legion Riders program are welcomed to join the Legion Riders of Post 712)

  • Ø  And finally, you must pay your 2014 dues of $12. Mail check written out to "American Legion Riders Post 712" to the Post.



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