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Pleasant Hills, Pennsylvania

650 Old Clairton Road, Pleasant Hills, Pennsylvania, 15236 - (412) 653-1555

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Greetings from the Commander

     With the prediction of Punxsutawney Phil of an early spring
mes the renewed interest of making our Post once again the
miere post in the area. Our new cook, Tom, thought it best for
th he and the Post to part ways. He is no longer with us so we are going to rely on Debbie, Leigh Anne, and volunteers to run our

     Gary Hartman has resigned from chairing the fundraising
mittee, but thankfully has offered his support in helping out for

     Also, Lisa is settling in as Post Adjutant.

     We are trying to decide if we are going to be open to the
public for our annual fish fry. If we are indeed going to be open to
the public, the public may have to be served in the hall downstairs
per LCB rules as the dining area upstairs is in too close of proximity
the bar.

     Non-members are not allowed to purchase alcohol at our Post as it is a private organization. Again LCB rules, and we cannot afford to get dinged again. The Board is still trying to work out the best way to handle opening to the public. We still do not know the extent of our punishment that the LCB and State Police will impose on us from their last visit to Post 712. Please bear with us as your
Officers and Board Members work out the details. The last thing we want is. the LCB shutting us down. We are collectively doing everything we possibly can to keep the doors open. Take outs are still planned to be available.

     Volunteers are welcome! Please show your support for Post 712 by volunteering to help out at the post, be it clerical or helping out at Post events. This is your Post and going forward needs your active support. Please call or leave a message for me with name and phone number and I will return your request to help out.


Respectfully submitted,

Lee Phillips


American Legion Post 712




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