Welcome to American Legion Post 712

Pleasant Hills, Pennsylvania

650 Old Clairton Road, Pleasant Hills, Pennsylvania, 15236 - (412) 653-1555

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2019-2020 Officers

Commander: Lee Phillips

1st. Vice-Commander: Craig Kern

2nd. Vice-Commander: Ed Harmon

Adjutant: Dave Masslon

Finance Officer: Nila Porter

Service Officer: Dave Harris

Chaplain: Susan Coville-Cook

Judge Advocate: Nicholas D. Krawec Esq.

Sgt-At-Arms: Bill Porter


Executive Committee: Members-at Large

Nick Krawec

Susan Coville-Cook

Don Smoley

Dave Harris

Bill Porter

Nila Porter



From the Desk of the Adjutant                                   

     The 2020 membership card will be needed to access the

Post after January 1. If you have renewed and haven’t received

your card, please let me know.  If you haven't renewed, you can

renew - online - American, or mail it to the Post or

drop it at the bar.  Renewal is $30.00 for the year.

     We have made an effort to contact every member either by

email or an included letter with the 2020 membership card. We

are asking each member to make a commitment to attend at

least 2 Post meetings (All regular members have right of voice

and vote at the monthly Post meetings) and taking part in Post

 activities (dinners, bingo, pool, etc.) at least 12 times during

the year.

     We always appreciate your comments on how to better

the Post for you. If the atmosphere, hours of operation,

smoking, etc. are issues, – let us know. Also, we do want

you to be active in the Post, if you have some free time to

 donate, ask one of the officers where you can help.

     Any questions or comments, you can email me

 ( or call /messenger at


Dave Masslon

Post 712 Adjutant


              Archive Feature

Click on each of 'Our Heroes' to read a personal

story of the month from one of our veterans.

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                          October 2016

                               September 2016

                                July 2016

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                         April 2016

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                         December 2015

2020 Membership Information From the Post 712 Adjutant

      To avoid receiving late notices and reminders from  National, you can pay your 2020 dues early by mail to Post 712, online at, or you can pay your dues at the bar.

      Please record your phone number on your dues renewal slip or on your check when you pay your dues. It is vital for us to have your most current information on file. 

      Dues are $30.00.  Please make your check payable to: American Legion Post 712.

 Thank you in advance!



From the Post 712 Adjutant                                             

As a courtesy to our active duty members who belong to Post 712, we will pay your dues as long as you remain on active duty.

All we ask in return is for you to notify the Post adjutant in July or August each year that you remain on active duty to assure we pay your dues on time.   

We have received several calls saying a family member has been on active duty and his or her dues have not been paid.  If the adjutant has not received notification as described above, the dues will not be paid.  There is no other way for us to find out a member remains on active duty unless the member or his or her family notifies us.  The best way to assure she receives your notification is to call the adjutant (412-414-1109).

We thank you for your service, want you to be safe, and would appreciate if you would let us know if you ever need any assistance.  We are here for all of our active duty members and for our veterans.  We thank you for your allegiance to the American Legion.


  Mon 12/2

7 PM





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