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Pleasant Hills, Pennsylvania

650 Old Clairton Road, Pleasant Hills, Pennsylvania, 15236 - (412) 653-1555

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Greetings from the Commander

     The District Meeting was held Sunday September 16 at our Post 712. Special thanks to Debbie, Leah Ann, and all involved to make it happen.

     While the kitchen is still officially closed for everyday use, we are presently looking for a line cook/short order cook to work in our kitchen. If you know anyone that would be interested, have them contact us for an interview at 412-653-1555.

     A special thank you goes out to the following people whose combined effort completed the painting of our Kitchen: Tom Bodner, Ed Harmon, Dave Harris, Mike McElheny, Amanda Albert, Debbie Michalski, Dorry Cicia, Kelly Miester, Leah Ann Castanet, Vicki Golden, and Donna Innocetti; Bill Allen for his research on lighting, Thad, our adjutant, who volunteered to do the work on the lighting; and John Dillon for taking control of the kitchen. Your help has been invaluable in getting the kitchen up to par.

     We still have people that are bad mouthing and complaining about the post. My answer is short: Get your butts off the bar stools, shut your mouths, and do something that will make a positive impact for all the members of this post. If not leave, because we donít need the drama.

     The Post still needs volunteers! Please show your support by volunteering in planning and holding fundraisers with the proceeds going for the support of Post 712. Margie is organizing a Planning/ Volunteer Committee to help plan and implement future events at the Post. If you are interested in becoming a part of this Committee, please text or call her at 412-728-4743. If members sit and wait to see if someone will volunteer before they themselves consider volunteering, hell would freeze over before anything got accomplished. Messages can be left at the bar for me! Oh, and please have the integrity to sign your name.

Respectfully submitted,

Lee Phillips


American Legion Post 712




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