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Greetings from the Commander

     I am looking forward to joining the American Legion Riders of Post 712 on the 4th of August on their annual fundraiser ride. They will be having a post-ride event immediately afterwards at the Post. We all hope that the weather will be accommodating and they will keep the sunny side up.

     Of course there will be the official installation of officers on Tuesday August 7th, at 7 pm. Congratulations to all the officers that have agreed to serve for the upcoming year.

     At this time the kitchen is officially closed for everyday use, however we will still accommodate special events. While the closure is only temporary, guests are welcome to bring in or order food from outside the Post, that is, until the kitchen is up and running again. There will be no dinner after the next Post meeting.

     I am taking responsibility in the cancellation of our picnic this year. With the cost of what a caterer would be and the kitchen in disarray, I thought that it would be in the best interest of the Post finances to cancel.

     The condenser on the cooler downstairs broke and we lost all the draft beer. It is undetermined at this time when or if we can afford to fix the cooler and to restock the cooler once fixed. If we just put a “band-aid” on the cooler, it could break down again. Until we come up with a viable solution, there will be only bottled beer available to purchase.

     Expenses have been enormous this year as our Post building is getting older and equipment is wearing out, so we will need help and ideas in fundraising. Please let me know if you would like to volunteer in planning fundraisers.

     By the time this newsletter comes out, I will have hopefully met with John Dillon, the President of the Riders; Mary Ann Marunich, President of the Auxiliary; and Gary Hartman, Commander of the Sons, all of whom do so much for our veterans and are to be commended for their leadership.

     We are presently working on getting our membership cards out. There is a lot involved behind the scenes than just mailing out the cards. We appreciate your patience!

     Working with our adjutant Thad Weidmann has been quite an experience. He has an enormous workload and we have been working to alleviate some of the pressure put upon him.

     The Post is still in need of a Chaplain. This is a valuable, but not a difficult position. It requires being able to read prayers and attend memorial services and meetings. Please let me know if you would consider volunteering for this much needed position.

     While working at the Post one day, I by chance discovered some photographs of years gone by. The meetings downstairs were full and the upstairs filled with people having a good time. I wondered what it would take to have that kind of Post again. Don’t members care enough about the organization they belong to and leave their animosities behind to attend and support Post 712, or will they bail out and go to another place that is much more active? Do they care if the Post closes its doors for good? Time will tell!

Respectfully submitted,

Lee Phillips

Commander Elect

American Legion Post 712




"Opinions expressed herein are those of the editor or columnist, and are not necessarily those of the National, Department, District or the American Legion Post."






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